IDEAL SPECIALTY can competitively engrave your nameplates, nametags, signage and an array of other products left to your imagination.  We pride ourselves in the ability to engrave stainless steel along with virtually all other metals and various other types of materials.  With over fifty years of engraving experience, our specialized processes make Ideal Specialty a perfect fit for all your engraving needs.  

Our rotary engraving utilizes computer controlled engravers as well as manual pantograph machines; this gives us the ability to engrave most any part.  Rotary engraving removes metal from the surface at depths typically between .005-.030 of an inch which can then be paint-filled with lacquer, enamel, or 2 part epoxy paints to any specified color.  Rotary engraving in metal is the top choice of our customers in need of a durable product that is exposed to adverse conditions.

We also have a computer controlled laser system. This system is used for engraving, cutting and marking. With our laser, we can engrave and manufacture both plastic and phenolic tags, signage and chemically etch metals including stainless, aluminum and brass.  By utilizing the laser process, Ideal provides customers with fast and economical solutions.

Our programmers focus on the details of your provided drawing files and sketches.  If you do not have your drawings electronically, we can reproduce your company’s logo, schematics and graphics from any sketch or image.  In the cases where there is no artwork available, our staff can create the layout and provide a proof prior to production.

Ideal’s industrial engraving and design capabilities include but are not limited to stainless and aluminum panels, molds and mold inserts, dials, stamps, stencils and Braille. Since our first pantograph machine in the 1950's to our latest 24.00” x 48.00” rotary table and 32.00” x 18.00” laser table, we have been providing our customers with precision products and appealing design work.

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